AWS Property Services a Kolkata based independent real estate marketing Company. We are marketing both residential and commercial properties. The company is specialised in providing best customer service with excellent team work & innovation with a good relationship with customers in variable segments of the society. .

Why AWS property?

One of the best and trusted online and offline brokery in the city.Make minimum payment and get maximum amenities.We offer different broker rate for different types of property.Display of property according to your requirements.Precise news and information about buying and selling of property, information of rental property according to your need and convenience. So why are you wondering?Contact us and make the right choice to proceed with your ideas.

Our Team


Mr. Arup Das

Our Honarable partner and employees

  • Sumon Hari (C.E.O.)
  • Gourav mitra (M.E.)
  • Arpita Dey (B.D.M.)
  • Payel Sen (C.S.A.)
  • Baby Biswas (C.S.A.)
  • and so much moreā€¦